The Tiniest Thai spring lunch – and ‘son-in-law eggs’


Note to self: have more photographers come to Tiniest Thai supperclubs and lunches!

My friend Viktoria taking some gorgeous pics yesterday (here’s her website – is the first reason I am re-posting/linking to a previous recipe for ‘son-in-law eggs’.

The second reason is that it seems to have been the favourite dish at my lovely Tiniest Thai spring lunch yesterday, yet the dish I was nervous about having only made it a few times before.

It’s very simple, but do watch out for the violently spitting fat when you fry the hard boiled eggs!

The recipe – click on this link right HERE – uses an easy substitute for tamarind paste/puree, but yesterday I had some and so used a tablespoon of the puree as well as – I think – the juice of half a lime, instead of the sugar/lime mix.


The most important thing as ever is to just taste and taste and taste – and develop those palate muscles.  It’s such a non-exact science: limes vary in how juicy they are; there’s no standard in saltiness between fish sauce brands; one chilli is hotter than another, etc etc.

I know it probably sounds a fiddly recipe, and possibly not very inspiring (fried eggs in sauce with rice for dinner) but I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised both at the easiness and unexpected deliciousness.

Am SO interested to hear what you think of this one – please comment below or come over to The Tiniest Thai facebook page ( and say hi there.


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