The Tiniest Thai ‘Restaurant’ in London



Last night I cooked for four friends who were willing to be my ‘guinea pigs’ so I could try out cooking a lot of food in one session with a view to perhaps starting an occasional supperclub/at-home/pop-up …. and to sanity check if I had just had a moment of madness entering Masterchef.

I thought cooking a seven course tasting menu would add a bit of pressure to see how I managed …

And I had such a lovely evening cooking and chatting that I totally forgot to take, or ask anyone to take, any photos. And I hope the reason they didn’t either is because they were enjoying eating and talking too.

I think that’s the case because two of them even posted unsolicited on Facebook that it was the best Thai meal they’ve ever had! This makes me both very happy and very nervous that next time there’ll be a lot more expectation.

Although I don’t mind really, I just love cooking and if it goes wrong so what? Make something else! Try something else! It doesn’t really matter. Food and cooking should be fun.

The menu was:

Chilli cashews

Larb moo spicy pork salad

Chicken green curry

Stir fried beef with cashews

Pad Thai with prawns (recipe to come)

Pad krapow chicken


Mixed green veg in a sesame/soy sauce

Baked pineapple in a chilli vanilla caramel with coconut ice cream and lime syrup (recipe to come)

So firstly, there may well be more Tiniest Thai evenings held with a maximum of four guests for a sharing /tasting menu – I’ll keep you updated.

And secondly, the only picture I have to go with this post is of my breakfast the morning after – leftover Pad Thai and a pomegranate juice. Perfect!


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