The Tiniest Thai is a supperclub pop up thingamajig held sporadically – perhaps monthly –  in my flat in West London. It seats just four so guests can book all four seats or just book for one or two and meet new friends as they share a tasting menu of around seven dishes.

Guests are saying good things about their evenings at The Tiniest Thai, including the following:  

‘Amazing evening at The Tiniest Thai in London last night! Thank you Rachel for cooking and hosting – t’was fab indeed. The food was brilliant – chilli nuts, spicy salad in lettuce cups, green curry, pad thai and a kick-ass spicy chicken dish with tons of chilli and basil – plus homemade coconut ice cream and lime syrup… yum! And yes, she does take bookings!’  Amanda

‘Was treated to my best Thai meal ever last night!’  Claire

‘My friend Rachel writes a very popular Thai food blog and last night she served up the very best Thai meal I’ve ever eaten, a seven-course virtuoso masterclass. When she opens her restaurant, which she surely will, you need to get all over it.’  Rhys

‘Amazing food at the Tiniest Thai last night…’  Lucy


The Tiniest Thai has just done a special pop-up at a friend’s house and became, for one evening, The Tiniest Thai in Brighton.  It was fun! And I’m really happy that the guests liked it with my lovely friend, the host, saying:

‘Rachel came and cooked us dinner as the Tiniest Thai and it was amazing – eight courses of the most delicious Thai food ever. If you live in London you can actually go the Tiniest Thai if you message or follow Rachel. Honestly, wonderful.’ Kefi


 Just a couple of pics from last night’s Tiniest Thai.  Grilled chicken gai yang and a som tam green papaya salad ….


… and a dessert of fruit salad, sugar/salt/chilli dip, lime ice cream and toasted almonds.


Recipes for both coming soon!

Held a lovely Tiniest Thai evening yesterday, with a friend bringing three friends of hers as a celebration – so I’m thrilled that TTT has become a destination for special occasions.  And I’m glad they enjoyed it, with the host saying …

‘Thank you, Rachel., for creating such a great atmosphere and the best meal I’ve had for a long time – unusual and absolutely delicious ! All those courses – and served up so graciously and so relaxed it all looked easy!’ Kate

4 thoughts on “SUPPERCLUB”

  1. violalevy - September 5, 2014 2:39 pm

    Was such a delicious meal – thanks again Rachel. My favourite Thai dish is red duck curry and yours was the best I’ve tried by far. My other fave is Kang Mussaman lamb curry (hint .. hint …) The minced meat in lettuce leaves (sorry, forgot the name!) was the second best dish – but they were all superb! Not sure what I’m doing for my 30th but might hire you to do the catering 🙂 Thanks again xx

    1. racey - September 5, 2014 2:41 pm

      Ooh I’d love to do something for your 30th! let me know. I was trying to decide between a red curry and a massiman for last night – it’ll definitely be on my list for another time. Come back soon! x

  2. Becky - October 21, 2014 1:00 pm

    Wonderful evening at The Tiniest Thai last week. We were all so delighted with the wonderful food and sheer volume of courses that not one of us remembered to take any pictures! Suffice to say that the evening will linger in our memories none-the-less. A culinary triumph! Thank you for having us! Becky and Brad x

    1. racey - October 21, 2014 1:41 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Loved having you at the Tiniest Thai – let’s do it again x


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