Pork with garlic and chilli – and it’s a cold cure too

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Ok so first up – this isn’t going to be a very well written post.  I feel rotten.  I’ve had the biggest stinker of a cold for a week and all the cliches are true. Yes I feel like I’m wading through treacle and yes I feel like I’m underwater and can’t hear properly. Sore throat, coughing fits, the lot.

Anyway, because I do love food, I take a bad cold as a sign to follow the old adage and ‘feed a cold’. However I’m not entirely sure this meant go out and drink champagne on Tuesday. Or to go and sit outside in the cold pretending it was warm and eat tapas on Wednesday.

Haha … so now, right now, at this blissful end of this trying-to-just-push-through-it week, right now –  it is Friday AND the Friday before the bank holiday weekend and NOW I am going to feed my cold chillies.  Or rather feed (and hope to kill it with) chillies.

This is a really nice and easy dish and you don’t have to overdose on chillies if you don’t want or need to.

It’s not really a specific recipe as such, just a very easy dish with some traditional Thai flavours.  I did rather make it up as I went along and very good it was too.

Cold or no cold, I recommend a dose of this.

Make your rice first and then get together the ingredients.

This is roughly enough for two but do just decide for yourself on quantities and what looks right to you.


About 1-2 tbspn cooking oil

2 cloves garlic

4 red bird eye chillies

Approx 250g pork mince

1/3 knorr chicken stock cube

splash of water

1 tbspn light soy sauce

1 tbspn fish sauce

A pinch of sugar

2 spring onions sliced

a small handful coriander leaves chopped to garnish, if liked

Prepare, slice and chop all the ingredients and put a pan on over a medium high heat.


Add the oil and when hot, add the garlic and chillies and fry, stirring for up to 30 seconds, until it smells good.


Add the pork mince and stir fry for a few minutes then add the stock cube and splash of water and continue stirring until the meat is browned.


Add the soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar and cook, stirring, for a few minutes until cooked through.


Remove from heat, add the spring onions and coriander (if using) and stir in.


Serve with rice.


Simple, delicious, and – I hope -cold-curing! I’ll let you know if it is  and in the meantime do let me know if you made this and if you liked it …

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