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IF however, by some bizarre twist of fate/liking-drafts-sort-of-thing .. you ALREADY want to get in touch before my calendar and booking form and stuff are born – well, I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Just email me at:


Hey there

And YAY – this is going to be FUN!

So …

You want to come to The Tiniest Thai supperclub?

They’re now held every last Thursday of the month (starting March?) at 7.30pm and there are just four places available at each.  Come on your own or with a friend and meet new friends or book for four of you – people have been doing this to celebrate all sorts of things from knee operations to  xxxx CHANGE.

You’ll be greeted with a lemon vodka sour (or not of course if you don’t drink!) and some spicy cashews and I then cook and serve a 6-7 course tasting menu.

Please feel free to bring your own booze.

Private bookings for a table of four are also taken outside of the normal supperclub dates.


You want to come and cook with me? 

Excellent news; this is so much fun!

We meet at a local Thai supermarket (local to me anyway – it’s in London W2) to demystify some of the produce and products, then we get a taxi back to The Tiniest Thai.

We’ll have a glass of fizz (alcoholic or non – either’s good) and make three dishes – you choose from a list of options – that you eat here.

You’ll take away a Tiniest Thai cookbook and hopefully – well, I’m sure – some new knowledge.

Two people per session and it works best if you book for two of you to come together – it’s my home not a venue and it’s good when you’re relaxed and just having fun with a friend.


You really want to declutter your kitchen but need some help?

If you’re in London or nearby then – perfect! This is one of my favourite things to do.  Unless you live in a castle we can generally get a kitchen clear and organised in a few hours.

Let’s have a chat first on the phone or by Skype (this is best as then I can actually SEE your kitchen) to talk through what you need and what your goals are.

Then I can come to your place and get that kitchen organised! You can be involved in the session as much or as little as you like ….. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ADD MORE COPY xxxxxx

Cost: well, let’s have a chat as everyone’s kitchen is unique but generally speaking a normal (not castle sized) kitchen can be decluttered in four-five hours and will cost £ xxx  Plus travel costs if outside zone 2.  If you’re in Cornwall or Norfolk then let me know as if I can tie it in with a visit to family then there’ll obviously be no travel costs!

If we’re not geographically close enough to work together in person, you may still be interested in my Skype sessions and Kitchen De-cluttering ’28-days-to-an-organised-kitchen’ (CHANGE TITLE) programme.

Contact me for more information.

 You really want to open your own supper club?

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