No-fuss, no-churn, no-of-course-it’s-not-good-for-you-exactly: lime ice cream

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So simple it barely deserves a whole blog post, but so good that – yes it does. It’s this easy to make delicious ice-cream in many flavours – I’ve made coffee, lemon, vanilla and with added berries so far.  Today, it’s this lovely lime ice cream, and this is how you make it. Oh and regarding the ‘not exactly healthy’…

Pad Thai – no further description needed


photo 5

I love Pad Thai – who doesn’t?! Ultimate comfort food.  But I’ve had a mental block about making it. Actually, that’s not quite right as I’ve been experimenting and experimenting and trying out different recipes but none I felt confident enough in sharing, until I came across a recipe for Pad Thai on Chez Pim’s site.  I then started making it slightly…